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James, 37 Chronic back pain, digestive, and respiratory problems

I turned to acupuncture after struggling with chronic back pain, digestive, and respiratory problems for many years. Irena is exceptionally attentive in getting to the root of a problem and putting an effective treatment plan in place. Her knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine is obvious, allowing her to make sense of the complexity of the issues I have and explain them to me in simple terms. Irena genuinely cares about ensuring lasting, positive improvements in your health and well-being. I started to see improvements immediately after the first couple of sessions. After 3 months of treatment, issues that have bothered me for a long time have disappeared - I now have more energy and better sleep, and my chronic pain issues have been massively reduced.

Alyson, 56 TMJ & Sinus pain

I originally came to Irena due to my TMJ pain recurring.When I was originally diagnosed several years ago the consultant had referred me to physiotherapy that included acupuncture which helped a lot so when the TMJ pain recurred I wanted to find treatment as soon as possible without waiting to be referred to a consultant.I searched for an acupuncturist in the Newcastle area to make it easier to attend appointments, luckily I found Irena.

The TMJ pain started to ease from the first appointment. After each appointment the pain lessened and I gained more jaw movement.I have suffered from sinus pain most of my adult life and this is made worse with hayfever.Irena has also helped ease the sinus pain which has made my life so much better.Less pain in my head has made me feel happier, more relaxed and I have more energy.Irena reviews my pain and general wellbeing at each appointment to ensure the correct treatment.She listens to how I feel and has offered valuable advice.I would recommend Irena.

 Toni, 37     Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy

I searched for acupuncturists in the Newcastle area because I had read acupuncture could help with the pain. I have a rare muscle disease and wasn’t sure acupuncture would do anything for my pain but I tried to come to my first session with an open mind.

From only a few needles, I experienced instant pain relief that felt so unbelievable that I got quite emotional. There is no cure for the muscle disease I have and the pain does come back but with each session,  the relief feels deeper and longer lasting. The treatments are significantly improving my symptoms and less pain means better mobility. Having regular treatments with Irena has also improved my energy levels, my mood and my appetite. People notice after I’ve had treatment because I move better and I’m more relaxed in my body.

Irena listens to your needs and has a holistic approach, offering techniques and advice to get your whole body functioning better. I look forward to my sessions with her and am grateful I found her!

Beverly, 68  Arthritis & Anxiety

Irena is my acupuncture angel, a beautiful person inside and out. Her holistic approach to her treatments makes her a wonderful practitioner. Irena has treated me at the acupuncture clinic, and I know that her treatments have helped with my anxiety, sleep issues and joint pain. 

Amy, 31    Chronic shoulder pain

Irena has managed to bring my shoulder pain down quite a few levels, and now we work on keeping it consistent. She is able to both make me feel relaxed while working on the pain and tightness all in one session. I’m always amazed by the results, and Irena is great at explaining exactly how it works and ensuring I understand before continuing on, which is very reassuring.

Nikki, 37   Work-related stress 

Irena really listens and understands my needs. I have a physical and emotionally demanding job, and Irena's calm and direct approach to my treatments are just what I need. I am always left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Irena!

Lee, 56    Achilles tendons

The reason for visiting Irena Lenc was to investigate Acupuncture on the left Achilles as daily pain......probably caused by an old football injury in my youth. I had four professional treatments that covered my overall wealth, history and lifestyle. Irena was very focused on resolving the Achilles pain, and she used Acupuncture to support the treatment. So four sessions, and today the pain is almost gone! Simply brilliant!!! Thank you, Irena, for your professional support.

Amber, 24   Work-life balance & well-being 

I've loved every single one of my treatments with Irena. Not only does her tactile approach to treatment and depth of knowledge let me know I am in the right hands, but her warm words and open personality also make me feel relaxed and supported. She understands any issue, making it easy and comfortable to talk to her. A beautiful person and amazing practitioner!

Julie, 31    Encurage labour

I contacted Irena while being pregnant with my first child. I had gone over my due date and was hoping she could help set my baby girl on her way to avoid an induction. Irena booked me in the same week, and two days later, labour started spontaneously. Even if, in the end, my baby girl had decided to take more time, the acupuncture session was extremely relaxing, and I came out feeling refreshed and in a much more positive mindset. Irena is very friendly, attentive and knowledgeable, and I have since recommended her to friends and family.

Jane, 37    Sleep issues

I came to see Irena with sleep issues and low energy, which had been an issue for me over several years. Over the course of my treatments, I began to feel much better, and I went from 2-3 hours of sleep per night to about 5-6. This has been life-changing for me, and I am grateful for Irena's treatments as well as the guidance and support she also offers


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