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After my 3rd treatment, not only did I have more energy, and improved sleep and mood but also started making positive changes in my life going for more walks and eating better without it seeming like a huge effort. Irena has so much knowledge about the practice and really takes the time to listen to you and offer tailored care.

She has also taught me so much about women's health and living a healthy lifestyle in general in just a few weeks. Thank you so much for this amazing treatment, Irena!

Amber, 30 

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a natural, holistic healthcare system able to address any health condition. It is several thousand years old and works to promote health, restore and preserve balance, and stimulate your body’s natural healing. TCM beauty is in its wealth of knowledge about human health and the ability to treat the root of the problem whilst simultaneously addressing the symptom. TCM practitioner is trained to use various diagnostic techniques that focus on the individual. These will explore the physical and emotional symptoms experienced, which are seen as interconnected and related. TCM is so highly individualised that two people with the same western medicine diagnosis might receive different TCM treatments. Also, acupuncturists have a comprehensive set of therapeutic tools at their disposal, such as classic massage techniques, Gusha, Cupping and Moxibustion, so that they can facilitate the best results in treatments, 

Every element of an acupuncture appointment: the consultation, the art of points selection, and the acupuncture treatment have a degree of therapeutic effect.

A holistic approach to healing supports lifestyle changes and reinforces the health restoration process. Seemingly small shifts in habits, diet or how we go about our day can result in outstanding results. TCM practitioners can fluently incorporate that knowledge into the treatment plan and provide an element of lifestyle advice for those interested in accelerating treatment results.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture have their place in modern healthcare. They can inspire sustainable health choices and improved quality of life.

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