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Baby Leon, one week old and mum Irena 

The Focus 

 I have a particular focus on working with people trying to conceive, as I have been on a long and challenging fertility journey myself. This means I have the experience, skills and know-how of fertility from acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, plus a deep, personal understanding of the journey itself.

Fertility is complex. It has many layers, and that's a good thing, for there are equally many things you can do to improve it. I work with women, men and couples, and I love seeing my patients become parents. I have become a mother at 41, and I have no preconceptions about the right or wrong ways to become a parent. I will work with you no matter where you are on your journey. 

What to expect? 

Chinese medicine takes a whole-person-whole-lifestyle approach to help you, We will take a close look at your menstrual cycle and reproductive history. We will also look closely at your diet, exercise and whole way of life to get the fullest possible picture of your health.  Once I have all these details, I make a diagnosis according to the principles of Chinese medicine and then set up a tailored treatment plan for you. This plan will feature acupuncture, lifestyle advice, and dietary advice. After your first consultation and treatment, I will send you a detailed and comprehensive report outlining what we have discussed, the treatment plan (or options) and my advice.

My promise

 One size does not fit all.  The great strength of Chinese medicine is that it’s all about the individual in every sense. Each woman and couple is different and will require different things. You can expect highly bespoke, completely tailored advice, treatment and support every step of the way, and I very much look forward to supporting you on your journey.

Acupuncture can bring comfort, reassurance and help in trying for a baby.

Please get in touch for a non-obligatory 15 minutes consultation to discuss how Acupuncture can help you.  


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